Membership and cooperation with international associations

Currently Agroseguro is member of several national and international associations related to risk management and agricultural insurance, among them, the following:

International Association of Hail Insurers (IAHI). Agroseguro is part of the AIAG Board and currently holds its deputy-chair and the presidency of the Loss Adjusters’ Committee, which is responsible for the coordination of the annual loss adjusters’ seminars and the strengthening of loss adjustment expertise through the exchange of experience within the AIAG members.

Latin American Association for the Development of the Agricultural Insurance (ALASA). Agroseguro is part also of ALASA Board and the Committee for technical advisory and training.


Training and dissemination of agricultural insurance

According the prestige gained by the Spanish agricultural insurance system and Agroseguro, information and collaboration request from third countries on the main functions of the agroinsurance system and Agroseguro are usually received.

Therefore, Agroseguro receives numerous visits from international delegations, formed by agricultural insurance experts, public administrations, and insurance and reinsurance companies’ representatives. In the last years, delegations from nearly 30 countries from Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Consultancy activities

Agroseguro has gained, for more than four decades, a wide experience and prestige on risk management and agricultural insurance. The company collaborates usually in different international consultancy projects funded by international institutions.